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About Me:


Hi, I'm Olivia. I am an aspiring software developer who is a senior in High School (2023). Ive developed a mulitude of diffrent projects ranging from video games and video game modifications, to websites and discord bots. Ive learned a bunch of different programming languages including but not limited too, Python, C#, Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and more. I grew up around technology so I grew up loving and embracing it, because of that I learned how to build my own PC, and manage my own home server when I was only 13 years old. I also love VR, and especially VRChat, as ive made tons of friends and family alike. Outside of tech I also love Psychology and music.


Name:        Olivia Knight
Age:         17
Sexuality:   Pansexual
Pronouns     She/Her
Gender:      Transgender; MtF
Timezone:    EST (NY)

For more information, have a look at my CV